• 0 season
  • 2018
  • 30mins

Trickheads is a brand new comedy magic show, voiced by the talented Matt Edmonson, featuring our gang of complete and utter Trickheads - a vibrant line-up of world class magicians including Troy, Justin Flom, Katherine Mills, Chris Mayhew and Archie Manners.

The Trickheads dream up a bunch of

ridiculous challenges to stitch up, embarrass and generally cause chaos for each other whilst ALSO performing the funniest tricks on unsuspecting members of the public.

TRICKHEADS is a Second Star co-production with Accidentally On Purpose and airs on Comedy Central UK.

Executive Produced by Martin Dance, Matt Edmondson & Anthony Owen, Directed by Matt Pothecary and Produced by Paul Cornwell.

The Trickheads;

Troy, Justin, Katherine, Chris & Archie