Flirty Dancing

  • 2 seasons
  • 2019
  • Dating Show
Flirty Dancing trailer

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In a world where most people find love by swiping left and right, Flirty Dancing offers a more romantic approach to dating by transporting us back to a time when people met each other on the dance floor. In this brand new series, self-confessed romantic and choreographer Ashley Banjo plays cupid and uses the art of dance to bring hopeful singletons together.

Ashley believes something electric happens when people dance together – so each week he takes two complete strangers and teaches them one half of a bespoke choreographed routine. After a week of rehearsing separately they will meet for the first time in a spectacular location and dance together in silence.

Without conversation can they find a connection? If they agree there is chemistry they will decide to meet again – will it be love at first dance?

Fancy a go at Flirty Dancing?

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“...Flirty Dancing is actually about something very pure: dance as wordless connection and communication, unmediated. And the programme trusts that dance can do that...”

Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian