16 November 2019


Imagine our delight on Friday 15th November when the Gogglebox families watched Kerry & Jordan’s gorgeous dance from their sofas around the country. #careergoals.

TO be honest, to begin with it sounded like some of the families weren’t too sure what to expect but by the time Jordan had serenaded Kerry with his guitar, twirled her around the fountain AND pulled off an epic back tuck, the families were gripped… and some of them were even a little teary…

"that's what dancing should be like again"- Mary

"It's giving me goose-pimples...it's making me cry!" -Jenny

"that'll be it for i'd be lie get your coat, you've pulled!" -Jenny

Particularly Mary at the end of Kerry & Jordan's dance who said to her husband

"It's sweet, it's very sad because they had to be introduced... by a television programme and they'd never have met each other otherwise... because of MeToo" -Mary & Giles

And it sounds like Jenny was particularly taken by Jordan’s gymnastics

"oh that's what I call romance Lee"- Jenny

… cue the perfect response from the man himself


Thanks to all the Gogglebox families – we hope you enjoy the rest of the series too.

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