Flirty Dancing makes headlines

20 January 2019

Flirty Dancing makes headlines

“For a restorative shot of human decency there is a show founded on a much more wholesome set of aspirations. Two strangers, looking for love, come together to wordlessly perform a dance routine they have been taught, separately, by the charming choreographer Ashley Banjo. If the chemistry sparks, they arrange to meet again. Silly and simple, yes, but there is something unexpectedly moving about watching nice people shedding their tough dating armour — drink, food, words — and just performing a slightly clumsy lift. If you’re going to live like a movie star, make it Fred Astaire.”

Victoria Segal, TV Critic, The Sunday Times

Flirty Dancing has had the Press all a flutter since it launched in January. Ashley chatted to Radio 2, The Radio Times, Channel 4 and was a guest on ITV's 'Lorraine' and Channel 4's Sunday Brunch.

But that's not all. Here's what else people are saying about the series:

  • The difference is that while on Strictly Come Dancing it’s called a curse, here it’s possibly the sweetest thing you’ll see on TV outside of The Undateables”- Ian Hyland, The Daily Mirror
  • "Neither of them can dance for toffee, which makes it all the more endearing."- Metro Tonight's TV Picks (17th January)

Flirty Dancing airs on Channel 4 at 10pm every Thursday from 10th January.

Catch up on All4.

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