Flirty Dancing Goes Global

19 November 2019

Flirty Dancing Goes Global

It’s been QUITE the week for our LITTLE show with a BIG heart as a clip of Garry & Ryan’s stunning dance in Episode 2 was shared around the world on Twitter by @menaphetamine aka 'rat'


Then a lovely journalist called JUSTIN KIRKLAND saw the clip – shared it some more - and we couldn’t stop squealing as the comments, praise and love for the show spread to upwards of 8.9 million people. He quickly also turned around an article for US Esquire saying:

"… A beautiful summation of physical chemistry, gorgeous choreography, and a pinch of vain relief that the person on the other end of that dance routine isn't ugly…"


Flirty Dancing Goes Global

Imagine our delight when comments from around the World started flooding in…

Here are just a handful:

"...look no further than Flirty Dancing, one of the most joyous UK dating shows that happens to exist on this planet Earth."

Louis Hanson, Australian Blog Pedestrian

Not to forget a shoutout from the amazing location used for the dance Horniman Museum

And if THAT wasn’t enough to make everyone at Second Star cry on our own sofas, we also then saw these two tweets:

Flirty Dancing Goes Global

we present to you JANE LYNCH

Flirty Dancing Goes Global


…so huge thanks to everyone who viewed and loved and shared the clip

… huge thanks to @Ashleybanjo for his stunning choreography

… and the biggest thanks of all go to Garry & Ryan for sharing their stories with us

Catch up on the full episode – and all of the episodes so far – on ALL4

A new episode of @Flirty_Dancing will be on @Channel this Friday at 8pm

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